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Informacija apie 35 paukščių rūšis / Information about 35 bird species

MAŽOJI ALKA (Alle alle) Little Auk


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Svečias_Jose   [2009-11-08 20:11]
Very nice work about rare birds in Lithuania, but this pcture is a first winter Razorbill, not a Little Auk.
Vytautas Jusys   [2009-11-09 06:13]
So in this case it must have been a "pygmy razorbill", as the bird's body length was only 20 cm.
Svečias_rex   [2009-11-09 10:25]
Photos can be suprisingly confusing when out of size comparison. Pay attention also at relative bill lenght and presence of white streakings on wing coverts.
Svečias_Jose   [2009-11-09 12:27]
Still think that the bill is too big for a little auk. But maybe you are rigth. Congratulations for the web page and the nice pictures.
Svečias_rex   [2009-11-09 12:38]
I agree, Jose, bill looks unusually longer due to slender corpse appearance. It looks much shorter on alive bird when puffy :) For sure, idea to show historical data on rarities of Lithuania including nice pictures was great !
Svečias_Jose   [2009-11-09 16:21]
Yes, Rex, you are right, now it´s clear for me that the appearance of the dead animal makes the bill looks longer. Mr Jusys was right.

Komentaras 1 iki 6 iš 6
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